Evashred Shredding Service

You may have a requirement to shred your hard disk drives, Data tapes, CD etc. We can offer you both on site and off site shredding service using our Evashred EV25E portable hard disk drive shredder.

This is the perfect option when you want complete peace of mind and you wish to have your hard disks shredded right before your very eyes. Kavanagh Recycling and Recovery specialise in Data Shredding services.

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We have the latest data shredding technology, allowing us to shred data either on site at your premises or back at our own base in South Dublin. We can remove the hard drives from all your IT assets such as PCs, servers, laptops, photocopiers, routers, switches, data centre equipment and smartphones and shred these in a matter of seconds – allowing you complete peace of mind!

Our aim is to provide enterprise with a safe, secure, compliant data shredding solution for the management of all types of data.

For more information about the Evashred EV25E click here.

Alternatively, if you would like to see the machine in action click on the video here.
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