Data Centre Decommissioning

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Data Centre Decommissioning:


Kavanagh Recycling and Recovery Limited has been in the business of recycling electronics and providing on-site certified data destruction for almost a decade.

One of the other services provided is Data Centre Decommissioning and Data Centre consolidations.

This process consists of us bringing tools, equipment, personnel, pallets, etc. to the data centre and carefully disconnecting and un-racking each switch and server. This is performed by our highly skilled employees. Each piece of equipment is scanned into our inventory tracking system so that each piece can be duly accounted for. Asset Management and Asset Tracking is a key component to controlling costs and reducing risks for large enterprise customers. Each hard drive is removed and then scanned into the same system to match the host equipment. The process of matching hard drives to host equipment, means that every storage device has been fully accounted for and tracked.

On-site or Off-site shredding of the hard drives can then be carried out after the drives were scanned and inventoried. Shredding hard drives right at the data centre eliminates all transportation risks. In this case all hard drives were shredded to 10mm and the process can be also recorded on a DVD for proof of compliance at the customer’s corporate office. After the equipment had been fully inventoried, including type, make, model and serial number, it was carefully packed for shipment to our warehouse for recycling.

When you need help decommissioning a data centre or consolidating data centre equipment, the experts at Kavanagh’s are there to help.


Kavanagh’s offers de-installation service for data centre consolidations and migrations. Consolidating data centres as technology improves and energy efficiency improves can be a significant cost saver for data centre operators. However, this process must be carefully thought-out and executed in order to avoid any security breaches.

Our highly skilled, background checked employees can come to your site and carefully dismantle any large electronic pieces. We have experience with data centres, large robotic arms, tape libraries, telecom equipment, mainframes, laboratories and production equipment. We provide our own tools and equipment. We can arrange for electricians too if there is still power flowing. Kavanagh’s can record the make, model, manufacturer and serial number of all equipment for tracking purposes.

We vigilantly take away all the pieces that we have dismantled and carefully remove them from your facility without scratching walls and floors. Our moving equipment has rubber wheels to protect your facility. Our trucks have automatic lift gates so we can accommodate any dock height or commercial building. After we have completed the removal, our employees return to do a thorough cleaning of the area where the equipment was housed, removing residual stains and marks.

In conjunction with our data centre consolidation service, we can perform complete on-site data destruction with our Data Destruction division. Our mobile hard drive and tape shredding trucks can perform destruction of classified materials or business sensitive materials with on-site shred sizes down to 10 mm.
In keeping with our landfill-free initiative and our corporate mission of diverting materials from landfills, we will recycle computers and all other electronic pieces. Our computer disposal and electronics recycling is done domestically in full compliance with all local and EU regulations. As a certified company engaged in recycling electronics, our processes have been thoroughly vetted.

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