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IT Equipment:

Kavanagh Recycling and Recovery specialises in comprehensive IT Assets Disposal, Computer Recycling, WEEE Recycling and Secure Data Destruction. The company, from its base in South Dublin, can provide enterprise with a safe, secure, compliant solution for the management of all types of Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

We are renowned countrywide as the major destination for all office recycling and electronic waste disposal, including monitor/screen recycling, printer recycling, computer recycling, laptop recycling and server recycling.
We provide a value added service to our B2B clients including IT asset management, secure refurbishment, remarketing, software asset management auditing and secure certified data destruction.  We advise our clients on how to dispose of their excess or redundant IT equipment in a secure, safe and compliant manner while also obtaining the best financial outcome.
Our IT Asset Recovery process includes the testing, repairing and refurbishing in preparation for Reuse and Remarketing of all IT equipment including mainly Servers, PC’s and Laptops. This process also involves component harvesting (RAM, Hard disk drives, graphic cards, keyboards, mice etc) again for Reuse and Remarketing.
Our Data Destruction service is a certified software process that erases all data from Server, PC and Laptop hard disk drives. This service provides a certifiable secure service for our clients while maintaining the integrity of the hard disk drive for Reuse.
Due to the nature of the business we will produce WEEE as a by product of the industrial processes. For example any item found to be BER (beyond economical repair) or obsolete with no remarketing opportunity will be deemed as WEEE by us and disposed of in accordance with WEEE legislation.

We offer a comprehensive Computer and IT Recycling Service coupled with a permanent Data Destruction service and a Collection service where required.

Items we recycle:

  • Computers, Desktops, Towers, Servers, Laptops, Tablets.
  • Hard Disk Drives.
  • Flat LCD Monitors.
  • All Cables (Computer, Power, Network etc), Keyboards & Mice.
  • Modems, Patch Panels, Routers, Switches, Hubs, WiFi, etc.
  • UPS Battery Back Up Unit.
  • Mobile and Smart Phones (GSM & 3G).
  • Printers, Faxes, Scanners, Shredders, Binders, Laminators, Office Fans.
  • Telephones (DECT, PABX, Desk Sets), Video, DVD Players, Projectors.
  • Laser, Toner & Inkjet Cartridges *
  • Old CRT Computer Monitors/TV’s *
  • Photocopiers – Removal Charges Apply please request details

Please note that a small charge applies to all collections - please call for details.
For further information on charges and our terms and conditions please click here.

* Recycling charges apply - please call for details.

NOTE: Equipment, such as IT, computers, etc does not need to be in working order.


Photocopiers & Large Floor Standing Printers:
Photocopiers and large floor standing printers, because of their size, often present a major difficulty for companies when it comes to end of life or recycling. This is particularly prevalent when it comes to offices located several stories up, with only stairs (or very small lift) access.

Often companies have to go to significant effort and expense to remove this equipment. And in some cases, the company chooses to leave the equipment in place rather than go to the required effort of removing the equipment.

Kavanagh Recycling and Recovery is delighted to offer a suitable solution to all its clients - to safely remove this equipment at minimal expense.

Kavanagh - Photocopier Recycling
Kavanagh - Photocopier Disposal
Kavanagh - Photocopier Collection

As you can see from our video below, we use special lifting equipment to ensure a safe and speedy removal of any equipment from your premises.

Due to their large size and weight, health and safety guidelines recommend that we have two people present when removing these large and heavy items.

  • Located on Ground floor, less than 10 x steps ***
  • Located in Basement or on 1st, 2nd or 3rd floor (no Lift) ***
  • 4th Floor + (No Lift) or More than one Copier/Printer ***

Outside Greater Dublin Area there is an additional Collection Charge ***

*** Note: Collection charges apply - please call for details.

For further information on charges and our terms and conditions please click here.


Removing IT and Office Equipment from your premises can be a difficult job. We strongly recommend that you remove any delicate items on our exit route prior to our arrival. We do not accept any liability for any damage that may be caused to equipment, furniture, lifts, doors and or your decor during the removal process.

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